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I need to have a lot of love and kindness he or she can give to me,if you donate points to me I'll do

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9 points for a Yaoi or a Yuri photo

10 points for a crossover comic

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50 points for an mpreg picture
2 points for a vore comic or a vore picture if you're a vore expert

Please donate and I promise I can do it.

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Hey guys...I'm gonna be doing a story based on the script I just wrote.It was also known as "The Wild Pine High Adventures of Jimmy Neutron and Mr.Toad: The Battle of the Domestic Felines"


It was a wild and crazy afternoon and one of the students of Wild Pine High under the name of Zipper Cat ran in the halls in which broke a few rules of the hallway that in which the Neutroners and the Toaders were patrolling.Shortly after the class ends with the arguement of Finn the Human and Jimmy Neutron,an unsuspecting crime has commited...the Catseye Ruby of Galtor was reported stolen from a planet called Tameran in which is only about five galaxies from Earth...Blossom knew whoever took the jewel was an evil villianess that she once knew from her previous battle at the forest.Just then,a tragic thing happened...the domestic felines of Wild Pine High(Gumball Waterson,Stimpy,Benny and Rigodon) were being catnapped by only one person...Blackfire,the same person who stole the jewel from Tameran...the same planet she was bannished from by her sister Starfire.Only she can control each of the Domestic felines to become her army.But,she needs only one more domestic feline...not only to fight in her feline army...but will become her husband once Jimmy Neutron and his friends were defeated.She was about to catnap Zipper....but,this was foiled by Jimmy Neutron and the gang.And once Tibs ran over to fight her off however,Blackfire used the Catseye Ruby of Galor to zap almost the nine lives out of him.Blossom knew that poor ol' Tibs too was catnapped by Blackfire shortly after risking his entire nine lives saving Zipper from ever being catnapped.Will Jimmy Neutron and the gang to save all the catnapped felines from a very bad trance...will Mr.Toad and the gang ever rescue Jimmy Neutron's feline friend from ever becoming Blackfire's future husband...will Zipper ever help Jimmy Neutron,Mr.Toad and the gang....and will Blossom ever fight off Blackfire again for the second time? Find out in this adventure with Jimmy Neutron and Mr.Toad.

I hope you like this one,everybody...because with both "Teen Titans"(Sisters and Bethothed) and "The Get Along Gang" now in the video library,I can do the story as told by me.

Wish me luck everybody...please comment;)
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