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Hey guys....sorry about that,I was too busy watching TV yesterday.Here is something I should've done two years ago....doing a contest with the Neutroners and the Toaders.Yes....this contest is about both the Club Toaders and the Club Neutroners....but,they have been a group of four for the past Eight,Nine or Ten years.The Club Neutroners were created at September 28th 2005 and the group itself is now celebrating its 10th anniversary after nine years in the making of the group.The Club Toaders on the other hand were created on October 5th 2005 so....the group is also celebrating its 10th anniversary too^^.To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Club Neutroners and the Club Toaders,two new members were added into the group...for the Club Toaders it was Jack Spicer...and for the Club Neutroners it was Blossom who is actually the first female to ever become a member of an all boys group.The two groups were gonna be going to have two or three new members...but,only one is a veteran coming out of retirement.Here are the members of the groups from top to bottom and by position

  The Club Toaders
1.Mr.Toad(Disney's Wind in the Willows)-Leader
2.Moley(Disney's Wind in the Willows)-Tunnel digger and second in command
3.Winnie the Pooh(All four Winnie featurettes)-Tough guy and softhearted
4.Bagheera(The Jungle Book)-Wise guy and very smart
5.Jack Spicer(Xiaolin Showdown)-Reformed Evil Boy Genius and Techie
6.Raven(Teen Titans)-First female to join the Toaders and is the serious type

 The Club Neutroners
1.Jimmy Neutron(The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius)-Leader
2.Sergeant Tibs/Tibby(101 Dalmatians)-Second in command for the Neutroners and the first feline to rebel against the leader
3.Eddy(Ed,Edd n Eddy)-The King of all Pranks
4.Joe Carioca(Saludos Amigos/The Three Caballeros)-Brazillian hawk eyes for the Neutroners
5.Blossom(The Powerpuff Girls)-First female to join the Neutroners and is the leader of the Neutroner's girlfriend
6.Spongebob Squarepants(Cartoon of the same name)-First sea creature to join the Neutroners and bubbly
7.Patrick Star(Spongebob Squarepants)-Second sea creature to join the Neutroners and is very dumb

Here is a group difference....the Neutroners only have seven members while the Toaders only had six members.

                              Here are the rules

1.This has to be Club Neutroners and Club Toaders related
2.You have to include Blossom,Jack Spicer,Raven,Spongebob and Patrick after drawing the Toaders and the Neutroners
3.You can do it in either traditional or in digital
4.Do not claim the two groups as your own....please give me the credit first before posting okay...

             I wish you guys the best of luck...the contest ends at October 13th.Please comment,everybody^^
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Current Residence: Nicktoonsville
Favorite type of style:Manga and traditional
Favourite cartoon character: Jimmy Neutron,Sergeant Tibs,José,Eddy,Panchito Pistoles,Donald Duck,Sailor Moon and Spongebob
Personal Quote: That's 15 sir.I'M READY!

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Thanks for watching me that's very nice to you. But why?
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Well....I found you while looking at one of Katarina's artworks^^
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Thanks...and I have a request for you this time...could you draw out an episode card for the musical episode of "The Wild Pine High Adventures of Jimmy Neutron and Mr.Toad" entitled "The Four Seasons of Chaos"...Jimmy Neutron,Blossom and Pearl on the bottom and Moley and Discord on the sky.
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SavageScribe Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Well, thank you- May I ask what drew you to my work?
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SavageScribe Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Well, I'm quite pleased to hear that.
Ay6 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Student Filmographer
Thanks.And the Disney short included in your Mickey and Minnie VHS Tape....that was "Susie the little blue Coupe".
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