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Hey guys,I'm very sorry about the episodes not premiring on July 4th....but,I'm still working on the episodes.Here are the episodes I'm working on for the first season of "The Wild Pine High Adventures of Jimmy Neutron and Mr.Toad".

          Season 1 episodes

Episode 1 "Blossom's TV Time"-The fanseries begins with Blossom as she was about to watch TV..but chaos began to break lose when Jimmy Neutron falsly accuses Moley for being a TV hog...
                           Songs from episode 1
                   "Love Makes the World go Round"-a song from The Powerpuff Girls episode "Mime for a Change"-Sung by Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup
Episode 2 "The Electric Motherhood of Moley"-Jimmy Neutron is assigned to go on a galatic mission....but ends up with an experiment has gone all wrong....Jimmy Neutron has realized that Moley is now in danger...but with Pearl's help,he can save his tunnel digging friend from a very old danger coming back to him
                                     Songs from episode 2 
               "Do it for her/him"-a song from the Steven Universe episode "Sworn to the Sword"-Sung by Jimmy Neutron and Pearl
Episode 3 "Neutronic Camp Out"-Jimmy Neutron and the gang are camping out at Nicktoonsville forest....but when an unsuspecting visitor comes near the camp site,Jimmy and the gang have to run for their lives
                                         Songs from episode 3
                     "Blue Shadows on the Trail"-a song from the movie "The Three Amigos"-Sung by Jimmy Neutron,Eddy,Gerald,Charlie Brown,Trent,Moley and the Seven Dwarfs 
Episode 4 "The Four Seasons of Chaos"-Discord the King of Chaos has caused a lot of chaos by making all four seasons in four different areas at Nicktoonsville.And even even got Mr.Toad,Ratty,Moley and Angus MacBadger seperated from each's up to Jimmy Neutron and the gang to go find them and get them reunited before fighting off Discord...but Pearl decided to tag along with the gang just in case they are in real danger
                                          Songs from episode 4
                            "Summer Nights"-a song from the movie "Grease"-Sung by Jimmy Neutron,Blossom,Grizz,Ratty,Raven,Timmy Turner and the Campers of "Total Drama Island"
                            "Beauty School Drop Out"-a song also from the movie "Grease"-Sung by Discord
                            "Now to Sleep"-a song from the Disney True Life Adventure film "Perri"-Sung by Pearl
                            "A Busy Life"-a song from the Martin Gates film "The Adventures of Mole"-Sung by Blossom,Bubbles and Buttercup

1.Episodes 1,2 and 3 only had one song for each episode
2.Episode 2 is the only episode that had Blossom telling Jimmy Neutron to back off
3.Episode 4 is the only episode that had only four songs instead of one
4.Episode 4 is also a Musical episode
5.Episodes 5,6,7 and 8 were To Be also means that Episode 8 would be the Season finale of the first season
6.Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup were never seen in the beginning of the song...but they can only be seen as the song was playing
7.Episodes 1,2,3,4 and 5 were the only episodes that contain swearing and cussing words while episodes 6,7 and 8 didn't

          This is dedicated to each and every one of my friends
:iconacutie:,:iconbritishgirl2012:,:iconcoolzdane: and :iconuranimated18:

I hope you like it guys...And I'll send you the sneak peeks of the four episodes...please comment;)
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Personal Quote: That's 15 sir.I'M READY!

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