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Hey everybody,A.M.S here....and I have good news....the good news is that I'm now going to Season 5,people.Here are the episode ideas for Season 5 of "The Wild Pine High Adventures of Jimmy Neutron and Mr.Toad".

Episode 26 "Avast ye Neutron"- Jimmy Neutron,Moley,Steven Universe and the Eds are on an extrodinary river cruse of a lifetime....but,chaos is in a blur when Pheobe,Blossom,Connie and the Kankers are coming up with a river pirate crew of their own...but,if the other three girls double cross the Kankers by helping the boys out,there is a heck of a wild ride to pay at heart.
               Songs from episode 26
"I'm Sorry"-A song from "Total Drama World Tour"-Sung by Blossom

Episode 27 "Rigodon and the Fusion Confusion Mystery"-Ruby and Sapphire unfused shortly after being very upset with Pearl for reading Garnet's,it's up to Rigodon the cat to solve the mystery behind the unfusing of Ruby and Sapphire before it was too late....but with the help of Jimmy Neutron and the gang,it'll be no problem at all.

               Songs from episode 27
"Peace and Love on the Planet Earth"-A song from the Steven Universe episode "It could've been Great"-Sung by Jimmy Neutron,Blossom,Eddy,Moley and Rigodon

Episode 28 "The fight for love"-Mayor Dewey comes to the other part of Nicktoonsville from Mertle Beach Nicktoonsville just to visit Pearl....but,there was only one obsticle...and that was Pearl's boyfriend,Angus MacBadger...but as Mayor Dewey orginizes a singer in his mind,many disasters happened at Wild Pine High,Jimmy Neutron and Blossom broke up,Eddy got punched by Duncan and even worse...Moley's throat was so sore that he was unable to's up to Pearl to make her desicion based on her love life....will she choose Mayor Dewey or MacBadger to be in her love life?
             Songs from episode 28
 "Sandy"-A song from "Grease"-Sung by Jimmy Neutron

1.Season 5 began after Season 4 drew to a close...but with only five episodes instead of six
2.Season 5 also had some swearing and cussing like all four previous seasons
3.Unlike the other two opening intros that have the same song,Season 5 had updated the intro with the theme song from the Cosgrove Hall version of "The Wind in the Willows".
4.Episode 28 marks the first apperience of Mayor Dewey and is the first ever Angearl episode
5.Episodes 28,29 and 30 are to be announced since episode 30 would be the Season Finale
6.Episode 30 is the only episode that had only 3 songs while episodes 26,27,28 and 29 only had one
7.Season 5 is the only season that had a love story about Angearl

This season is dedicated to :iconcoolzdane:,:iconacutie: and :iconuranimated18:.Please comment,everybody 
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Current Residence: Nicktoonsville
Favorite type of style:Manga and traditional
Favourite cartoon character: Jimmy Neutron,Sergeant Tibs,José,Eddy,Panchito Pistoles,Donald Duck,Sailor Moon and Spongebob
Personal Quote: That's 15 sir.I'M READY!

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Long time old friend. :)
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Mike..hey,what's up^^
ThomasandMichael Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
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Ay6 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Filmographer had been a while,Mike.
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Good, sorry that you and I haven't talked. I'd started college and ended my first semester. I'm going to start second semester two in a half weeks. 
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That's awesome news,Deb.I began my fanseries last year and it was known as "The Wild Pine High Adventures of Jimmy Neutron and Mr.Toad".It was a follow up to "Wild Pine High" in which is a parody to cRoxoverGoddess' "Reaper High".
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gryffonmanic Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Student General Artist
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Hi....I thought you blocked me.And I respect your opinions on your likes and dislikes on my pairings.
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