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    Donated Apr 27, 2014, 12:19:55 AM


Hey guys...I'm doing another game show this year.This one's called "Stranded Cast Off".And the location for season one is.....RiddlemeRoxy's very own Reaper High.Now as of that,there will be two teams of ten this season and each team represent the halls of Reaper High....Brawl and Genius.And you have to remember that the characters of each team has to wear the Reaper High school uniform throughout the competition.The prize was actually known as the golden skull...and the character who doesn't get the golden skull has been eliminated from the competition and will be walking out with the Reaper High uniform on the eliminated cartoon player.The contestant who made it this far without being eliminated wins the grand prize...Fifty thousand dollars cash.And this game is hosted by......*drum roll*Robin from "Teen Titans".

 Merged Cartoons        

1.Dib(Invader Zim)
2.Mandy(The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
3.Noah(Total Drama Island)
4.Jack Spicer(Xiaolin Showdown)
5.Yumi(Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi)
6.Sam(Rocket Power)
7.Sunil(Littlest Pet Shop)
8.Rigodon(Around the World with Willy Fog)

                     Invinsibility winings
        Episode 1-Tibs and Angelica won the first challenge for crossing the finish line together just to get Ren                                    outnumbered
        Episode 2-Rigodon and Sunil won the second challenge shortly after the five minutes and nine seconds of fighting the water disaster in which Mandy has caused-This episode is a non elimination episode
        Episode 3-Dexter won the third challenge for doing the artwork of Science
        Episode 4-Blossom won the fourth challenge for her leadership and survival skills
        Episode 5-Spongebob won the fifth challenge by doing his very first slam dunk to save his husband's nine lives from embarassment-This episode contains a double elimination for the losing team
        Episode 6-Dib and Mandy won the sixth challenge and are marked as Prom King and Queen-This episode contains an arrest for Team Brawl
        Episode 7-Thanks to Angelica and her tears,Robin is unable to announce the winner of the seventh challenge-This episode contains a triple elimination for each team(an elimination for Team Brawl and a double elimination for Team Genius)
        Episode 8-Rigodon won invinsibility for staying in Team Brawl's bedroom longer than everyone else while taking a catnap
        Episode 9-Shortly after the rescue of his old friend Tico,Rigodon won invinsibility again for the second time-This episode contains a double elimination and yet another arrest
        Episode 10-TBA
        Episode 11-TBA
        Episode 12-TBA
        Episode 13-TBA-This episode contains a double elimination

                Eliminated and/or quitting Cartoons

   1.Ren(The Ren and Stimpy Show)-Eliminated for calling his team mates 'idiots'
   2.Rainbow Dash(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)-Eliminated for unplugging the boombox owned by Jack Spicer
   3.Snowball(Animal Farm)-Eliminated for losing his own temper violently
   4.Jimmy Neutron(The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius)-Eliminated for sabitaging Spongebob at the begining of the challenge
   5.Pheobie(Hey Arnold)-Eliminated for not keeping an eye on the basketball
   6.Tibs/Tibby(101 Dalmatians)-Eliminated for not dancing and is arrested for the murder of Twilight Sparkle wrongly
   7.Blossom(The Powerpuff Girls)-Eliminated for lying to the Reaper High fans(only in the fic)
   8.Dexter(Dexter's Labratory)-Eliminated for not taking off his gloves
   9.Spongebob(cartoon of the same name)-Eliminated for not going in the dark room
   10.Timmy Turner(The Fairly Oddparents)-Eliminated for yelling in the library even though it was Eddy who made loud noises first
   11.Angelica(Rugrats)-Eliminated for plotting too many evil plans and is arrested for giving the police the false information to get all four innocent cartoon characters in trouble wrongly
   12.Eddy(Ed,Edd n Eddy)-Eliminated for yelling at the library on last week's episode
  Runner up1.???
  Runner up2.???

Wish me luck and be sure to draw out some fanart of the new game show involving the cartoon contestants wearing the official "Reaper High" school uniforms with the colors that represent the characters.Please comment;)
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